City Mission and Prioritized Goals

Mission Statement

The City of Annandale will maintain and enhance its high quality of life through a strong community culture, diverse amenities, and excellent services. 

Principals that Guide City Decisions

  • Inspire community engagement by supporting and encouraging volunteerism, community involvement, and active community organizations.
  • Increase operational effectiveness by practicing fiscal responsibility and prioritizing the delivery of high-quality public services.
  • Enhance the local business environment by fostering local support for business and encourage economic development activities that lead to a vibrant  downtown and a well-balanced business community.
  • Develop and manage a strong parks and trails system that capitalizes on the community’s natural amenities.
  • Provide proactive leadership that maintains strong relationships, a collaborative-style, and seeks improvement through technology.
  • Ensure a safe and well-kept community for residents and businesses to call home. 

2022-2023 Prioritized Goals

The Annandale City Council approved the following prioritized goals for 2022-2023 on March 14, 2022.  These goals are reviewed and updated annually.   

  1. Examine staffing levels and add staff to support community groups, improve communication, and spur economic development.
  • Personnel to evaluate staffing levels at City Hall and consider reorganization of responsibilities to meet needs
  • Incorporate staffing and program reviews in monthly department meetings
  • Develop a Comprehensive Communication Plan
  • Develop a Community Events Calendar
  • Identify community organizational needs within the City 
  1. Develop protocol and policies to be more active with code enforcement and eliminating blight.
  • Update City ordinance to support desired use of property and enforcement
  • Develop inspection program for both public nuisance and zoning violations that utilizes resources from the Administration, Public Works and Police Departments. 
  • Identify technology to aid in the management of the code enforcement. 
  1. Identify anchor properties in downtown and facilitate increase in occupancy within the next 3 years.
  • Develop a redevelopment plan for downtown that addresses underutilized properties.
  • Create a DT Business Strategy to increase retail activity in Downtown. 
  1. Develop strategies to provide emphasis on public safety and positive influences in the community.
  • Continue to support local community events
  • Promote Public Safety events including Fire Prevention, National Night Out 
  1. Develop planning and standards for the provision of parks and community recreation opportunities including indoor recreation and lake amenities
  • Update the City’s Parks Plan
  • Evaluate the need for a Community Center Plan and consider developing a concept for the redevelopment of the Middle School Site.
  • Work with Community Education to staff the Beach house and expand rental opportunities for increased use of the lake.  
  1. Develop a long-range transportation plan and future land use/growth areas.
  • Develop transportation plan
  • Consider land use policies that would support the development of the transportation plan as development occurs.
  • Review zoning and subdivision ordinances to ensure they are development friendly, yet meeting the development standards for the City. 
  1. Focus communication presence on positively supporting community institutions (schools, for example)
  • Develop a Community Resource tool that highlights the institutions and organizations with the City that provide community services.
  • Work with the School District to develop a plan for the redevelopment of the Middle School site. 
  1. Managing incoming aid to meet priorities, identifying needs, and maximizing use
  • Finance Committee should review the City’s debt management plan to determine where the ARP Funds will be best utilized and provide a recommendation to council. 

Other Goals 

  • Keep the City’s Advisory Boards strong, making sure the City has good candidates and seeks talent
  • Promote Annandale externally to residents/businesses focusing on schools and quality of life
  • Identifying incomplete trail segments and prioritize connections
  • Adding signage for wayfinding, highlighting history and offerings
  • Develop a splash pad amenity to bring people into town