City Parks


The City of Annandale has seven parks that are maintained by the Public Works Department.

Annandale Municipal Park

Address: 330-400 Oak Avenue North
Facilities: Beach, beach house, splash pad, playground, fishing pier, enclosed park pavilion, parking lots, picnic shelters and grills, restrooms, boat launch, trails, basketball court, ball field, storage building, and public art.
For information on renting the Park Pavilion, Click Here!

Big Woods Park

Address: 541 Ash Street East
Facilities: Ball field, batting cage, bleachers, storage building, and playground.

Willow Park

Address: 26 Willow Circle
Facilities: Picnic tables with grills, basketball court, and playground.


Crow Woods Park

Address: 350 Poplar Avenue North
Facilities: Green space, picnic tables, and basketball court.

Memorial Park

Address: 30 Elm Street East
Facilities: Recreation trail connected to sidewalk, Veterans Memorial, fountain, Chamber of Commerce information kiosk, flowers and other plantings, benches, and parking area.

Southbrook Park

Address: Along Beech Lane
Facilities: Playground, picnic shelter, basketball court, and volleyball court.

Clock Tower Park

Address: Located at the corner of Oak Avenue and Cedar Street
Facilities: Clock, benches, public art, and flower plantings.

In partnership with the Annandale Public School District, the Recreation Park is a regional park located at 905 Cardinal Way. The park contains baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, bleachers, concessions, trails, and green space. There are future plans to continue expanding the facilities at the park. Stay tuned!

Click here for a map of all our parks and trails!