Facility Resources and Costs


Live fire exercises allow the officer to use his or her own weapon systems while moving though out the shoothouse. Each officer has to go into rooms making split second decisions whether to shoot or not shoot. The live fire shoothouse helps develop the skills in building the necessary teamwork and tactics among patrol officers that are crucial for success during life threatening situations.

The tactical training center allows training for your officers in the following areas: Individual tactics, two, three and four officer tactics, decision making, individual and small group movement techniques, integrating SWAT officers with patrol officers and more.

The tactical training center allows your department to conduct live fire exercises in a facility which simulates the real work tactical environment. Live fire training will "hone" the individual's tactical skills as well as firearms skills.


Scenarios are conducted in the training center's indoor seven room live fire shoothouse. The officer may shoot 360 degrees in the "ballistically safe" shoothouse while moving from room to room. The use of flash bangs, marking rounds and paint balls are encouraged when doing dynamic force and force training.


71 Passenger School Bus

The bus may be used for training with either sim-munition or paint balls. Absolutely NO live fire will be done in the school bus. If paint balls or marking rounds are fired in the bus, we ask that you wipe down the windows and seats after use (within reason). If the bus sustains any damage while training please notify training staff on departure.


Shoothouse Training Area

The live fire shoothouse encompasses 2400 square feet (40'x60').  The room sizes are listed as follows:  Kitchen  15'x15'  Living Room, 15'x18', Bedroom 11'x11', Bathroom 11'x7, Dining Room  15'x12', Hallway 1 - 3'x31', Hallway 2 - 7'x33', Garage area 20' x 40'. All the lighting controls are located in the upper balcony of the shoothouse training area.  This allows the instructor to create a scenario with the options of either low light or total darkness.


Training House

The small two story training house may be used for scenario based training.  Marking rounds may be used inside the house.  Absolutely NO live fire or chemical agents may be deployed inside the training house.  The windows/entry ports on the east side are removable for training such as rake and break/rake and cover, etc.


Shoothouse Instructor Certification

As of January 01, 2012, any certified “Shoothouse Instructor” who received their certificate of completion between 2000 and 2008 must be
recertified in a one day “Shoothouse Instructor Update”. The one day, eight hour course will include all of the information that was presented to you in the original “Shoothouse Instructor” including new live fire entry drills and updated equipment at the facility. After completing either the instructor or update course, your certificate will be valid for four years from the course date. The cost of the one day update is $185 and the instructor course is $425, both classes include the price of ammunition.  Any questions may be directed to Jeff Herr or Tara Smith at 320-274-3278.

Authorized Calibers/Weapons

No rifles may be fired in the shoothouse! Rifle rounds will penetrate steel and exit shoothouse.


We have the following caliber’s available 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.  The ammunition must be requested before the date of rental.  Only approved non-toxic ammunition will be fired inside the shoothouse.  Any agency found not complying with rules/regulations will be asked to leave and will lose all privileges to use facility in the future.

Hospital/Medical Information

Medical EMS/ALS coverage is provided by Allina Ambulance.

Cost Per Day

Shoothouse, Bus, and Training House - $450

Targets - $8 each

Breaching Door - $30