Golf Cart Permits

The City requires all Golf Carts that will be operated on City Streets to be permitted.

Proof of Minnesota State Minimum Liability Insurance Coverage for Operation on City Streets must be provided at time of permit purchase. (Please check with your insurance agent to make sure you have at least the minimum required coverage for operation on City streets. 

Golf Carts May Be Driven on City Streets under the following guidelines: 

  • Permit sticker displayed on the rear of cart. 
  • Verification of insurance coverage must be carried in golf cart at all times 
  • Slow moving vehicle emblem displayed on rear of cart 
  • Rear view mirrors are required
  • Passengers limited to seating capacity 
  • The operator is required to obey all Minnesota Traffic Laws and use hand signals. 
  • The operator is required to have a valid driver’s license for legal operation. 
  • An Operator can be arrested for D.U.I. while operating a golf cart. 

Golf Carts are prohibited:

  • Follow applicable State and County laws as far as Co Rd 5 and St Hwy 24 & 55. 
  • During inclement weather or limited visibility 
  • Between sunset and sunrise; unless equipped with original equipment headlights, taillights, and rear facing brake lights. 
  • From towing trailers 

If you have any questions regarding the permitting of golf carts or use of golf carts within city limits, contact the Annandale Police Department at 320-274-3278.

Golf Cart Permit Application