Special Events

Organizations who wish to use City property and/or require City services to sponsor or hold a special event in Annandale are required to have a Special Event Permit. The application will be reviewed by the Annandale Police Department and considered by the City Council.

Special events are considered outdoor gatherings of at least 25 individuals, whether on public or private property for a period of one hour or longer.

Exceptions to the permit requirement:

(A) Special events sponsored and managed by the City.

(B) Funerals and funeral processions.

(C) The grounds of any school, playground, place of worship, hotel conference center, stadium, athletic field, arena, auditorium or similar permanent place of assembly when used for regularly established assembly purposes.

(D) Noncommercial events held on private property, such as graduation parties or social parties.

Please note: Written application for special event permits must be made at least 30 days in advance of the event's proposed date.